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The Infallible Word Of God


These special booklets and pamphlets, authored by Pastor Joseph Chambers, are excellent to purchase in bulk for Sunday School class, college classes, or home Bible studies. Each booklet deals with a specific Bible subject that will enrich and strenghthen your spiritual life, your joy in the Lord, and your grip of Bible subjects. They were written with your spiritual need in mind. Many of the booklets are available to read in html format from the Articles button on the Paw Creek Home Page.

The following discounts apply to any booklet / pamphlet. It can be a mix and match or a large quantity of a single booklets / pamphlet, it does not matter. The system will automatically recaculate your order as quantities are changed.

Booklet Discounts: 1 to 11 are $1 each, 12 to 99 are discounted 17%, 100+ are discounted 20%.
Pamphlet Discounts: 1 to 11 are $0.50 each, 12 to 99 are discounted 10%, 100+ are discounted 15%.

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A Catholic Bible In Evangelical Churches
Code: B462 Price: $1.00 Quantity:

A God-Breathed Book
Code: B376 Price: $1.00 Quantity:

Free From the Law of Sin and Death "The Holy Bible"
Code: B619 Price: $1.00 Quantity:

Modern Bible Versions: De-Absolutionizing Of The Holy Book
Code: B359 Price: $1.00 Quantity:

NIV Insanity
Code: B401 Price: $1.00 Quantity:

Supernaturally Engineered! The Infallible Word of God
Code: B384 Price: $1.00 Quantity:

The "Lying" Paraphrased Bibles
Code: B614 Price: $1.00 Quantity:

The NIV Bible - Apostasy In Print
Code: B461 Price: $1.00 Quantity:

Whosoever Will, Let Him Come
Code: B363 Price: $1.00 Quantity: