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Adam's Apples (Terry James)

Adam Beam, a young boy, and his sister, Zonia, live in a future time, born in an era of a beautiful, utopian world. The children live in Glorainia, the capital city of New Eden, where the Great King rules an almost-perfect planet. They face no dangers in this new world. Adam’s pet, Toby, for example, is a Siberian tiger weighing 1,000 pounds! Adam, Zonia, and Toby go through a “Dream Door” into the past as part of Adam’s “Exploretime” (school classroom) adventure, the method by which children of New Eden Time learn history. They pass in and out of Dream Doors by means of the “dream doodler,” a fantastic instrument that can draw a picture in midair. The children can jump into the picture they draw to go wherever they want to go. Exciting, wonderful adventures await. Join them in their quest to find Adam’s Apples!
Code: BK286

Price: $16.95


Prophecy At Ground Zero (Terry James, Editor)

Israel is at the center of every major prophecy that remains yet to be fulfilled. Planet Earth sits in the crosshairs of prophetic destiny, and the Middle East is Ground Zero!
Code: BK174

Price: $19.00