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False Anointing Series (Set of 11 DVDs)

By Joseph R. Chambers, DD,DSL

1. The False Anointing
2. Pensacola - Impartations -Apparitions
3. Beatles' Music In The Church
4. The "Born Again" Jesus Deception "Jesus Only" Connection
5 & 6. The False Anointing, Where Will It End? (2 Videos)
7. Benny Hinn, Possessed By Devils?
8. The Genuine Anointing Of The Holy Ghost
9. Kenneth Hagin & The Spirit Of The Serpent
10. Trinity Broadcast Network
11. Pensacola & White Magic

All Videos are available individually under "Videos - Paw Creek"

VHS Tapes Sell for $10 and DVDs Sell for $15.


Item # VSERIES100

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Special Price of only $180 for NTSC format (US Standard) (Normally $235 if purchased individually.)