Paw Creek Ministries enjoys the ease of using Power Bible!

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This is a very easy to install program. It is very useful for study and has several older, conservative commentariesto get opinions from. We highly recommend this over Online Bible (A more expensive Bible program available through Ken Ham's ministry, "") for price and ease of installation and use. Other Bible CD's are over priced and are very hard toget used to. This is a breeze to use.Many people call and ask about a good computer program that has the Authorized Version (KJV) installed. We use the Power Bible CD. This CD also has about $1000 worth of Bible study books on it.  


Some of the commentaries on the CD have Calvinistic views in some areas. Also, there are probably other areas we have not explored. We cannot recommend every bit of the CD. Several old-fashioned writers have notes on this CD that include very sound doctrine in most areas. Just be careful. There are many other CD's available here with the writings of Tozer, Spurgeon and many others. Check the Power Bible site for further info!


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